Variety Pack – The Dark Side of the Curve – Three 8oz (227g) Packages


Three 8oz bags of delicious darker roasts. Includes our classic medium/dark roast blend: Supercrack Coffee; a great Colombian dark roast from Tolima with chocolaty and nutty notes; and our darkest single origin coffee from Rwenzori, Uganda.
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A slightly evil but mostly delicious sampler pack, The Dark Side of the Curve. Free shipping included. It's made up of three 8oz bags of our darker roasts, including our classic medium/dark roast blend: Supercrack Coffee, a dark roast single origin coffee from Juanambu Canyon of the Nariño district in Colombia, and our darkest roasted single origin coffee from the Lekempti region of Ethiopia. This makes a great gift (for friends, family, or you)!

The Coffees:
Supercrack Coffee
Our ever-popular blend named after the iconic rock climb in nearby Indian Creek. It’s smooth and nutty like a dark roast, yet fun and fruity like a medium roast.

Colombia, Juanambu Canyon, Nariño
This rich, organically grown coffee with notes of dark chocolate and cherry is from the Nariño region, where small lot farmers produce some of the highest altitude coffee grown in the world. The climate, high altitude, and volcanic soil combine to make a dense coffee bean packed with sweetness and complexity that holds up remarkably to darker roasts.

Uganda Rwenzori
Grown in Uganda's "Mountains of the Moon," the Rwenzori range, the cherries for this coffee are handpicked at their ripest, and then dried with the whole fruit still intact. This allows for fermentation and the development of sweet flavors that are absorbed into the bean. Taking this coffee to a dark roast caramelizes the sugars to bring out a rich chocolaty flavor that’s accented by notes of chai tea and a slight nutty aroma.

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Weight 25 oz

whole bean, ground for espresso, ground for pour-over/drip, ground for French press