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We have three basic subscription packages available: The Curve Club, The Blend Box, and our Daily Dose of Decaf. Once you know what you'd like, fill out the form below and we'll get roasting. We’re also happy to set you up with a custom subscription—just make a note in the special requests box and we’ll be in touch.

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The Curve Club

Our Best Single Origin Coffees - $15 per bag

We’re constantly searching for the most exciting, innovative and best new coffees. Like a single malt Scotch or vintage champagne, our single origin coffees come from the best farms and processing stations around the world and let the unique flavors of each of these micro-regions come through in your cup.  We experiment with each coffee to come up with the roast profile that brings the most out of each bean. It will vary with each coffee, but these tend to be somewhere in the light-medium range to bring out as many of the fruity, floral and other subtle tasting notes as we can. Sign up for the Curve Club to join us on that journey and we’ll make sure you get to try all the best new coffees we have to offer.

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The Blend Box

$13 per bag

For blends, we offer our Curve Classics which explore a range of roast levels, and are named after some of our favorite destinations around Moab. We also have our “A Little Bit Cooler” blend designed specifically for cold brew and iced coffee.

Big Drop Blend - Light/Medium Roast
This coffee is light, bright, and sweet with beautiful notes of citrus and flowers.
Supercrack Coffee - Medium/Dark Roast
Our ever-popular blend is smooth and nutty like a dark roast, yet fun and fruity like a medium roast.
Slickrock Espresso - Dark Roast
Perfect for dark roast and espresso lovers alike. This rich, full bodied coffee is accented with delicate floral aromas.
A Little Bit Cooler
This is a perfect mix of light and dark roasts which brings out some fun and bright flavors and then smoothes them out with some darker, caramelized goodness. Check out the description on Our Coffees page for the recipe for our hybrid cold brew method.

Fill out the Form to get started and let us know in the comments section which blends you’d like to try!

The Decaf Club

$15 per bag

At Curve, we don’t think that decaf has to be boring. Many decafs lack the complexity and subtle flavors of high quality caffeinated single origins. Not this one. The mix of honey and dry processed methods leaves subtle sweetness and notes of cinnamon and chocolate. This one’s for dedicated decaf drinkers and those of us who just want to keep drinking coffee well into the evening hours. See Our Coffees to read more about our current decaf offering.

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