Single Origin – Costa Rica Tarrazú San Diego 12Oz. (340g)


Light-Medium Roast. Sweet, Bright, Balanced, Hints of Fruitiness.


Caturra and Catuaí Varietals
Honey Processed at San Diego Mills

After being picked, honey processed coffees have the skin of the coffee cherry removed but much of the fruit flesh remains. As the coffee dries, the fruit begins to ferment a bit, imparting sweet and lightly fruity flavors into the coffee bean. This coffee is emblematic of the style, a well balanced blend of sweetness and brightness with hints of fruit.

This coffee was grown in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, which sits at an altitude of 4000 to 5750 feet. The coffee farms in this region are small, with an average size of seven acres. For this Honey Process, coffee cherries must be picked at their ripest point and sorted by hand, then delivered to the San Diego wet mill.

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Weight 13 oz

whole bean, ground for espresso, ground for pour-over/drip, ground for French press