A Little Bit Cooler Blend 12Oz. (340g)


A blend of light-medium and darker roasts designed for cold brew and iced coffee


After a lot of taste tests we've come up with what we think is the perfect blend to drink chilled. We start with some bright and sweet light-medium roast and mix in a couple rich and smooth darker roasts to round out the flavors.
Works well as a standard iced coffee, a longer extracted cold brew, or, like we've been doing, a hybrid of the two!

Try out our hybrid Curve Cold Coffee Method. The idea here is to get some of the brightness and fruity notes that are usually associated with pour-over into the smooth and refreshing cold brew you are used to. To do that, we combine a quick, hot steep with a longer cold brew. Our "A Little Bit Cooler" blend is great for most cold coffee brewing methods, but it's specially designed to work with our Curve Cold Coffee Method.

Here's how it works: Put 70 grams of coarsely ground coffee into your French press. Add 430 grams of hot water (a little more than 1 3/4 cups) and let it steep for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It's helpful to stir during this time to help all the coffee come into contact with the water. We heat our water to 200°F, but anything cooled for 30 seconds or so after boiling should do. Once the hot steep is done, add 325 grams of ice and stir again (for us, that's about one tray of ice cubes and leaves our 32 ounce French press nearly full). Now let it slow brew sitting at room temperature for 1-2 hours or in your fridge overnight. Press the coffee, pour over ice and enjoy.

Additional information

Weight 13 oz

whole bean, ground for espresso, ground for pour-over/drip, ground for French press