Holiday Gift Guide

Brighten up someone's morning with the gift of coffee!

At Curve, we've been on a mission to find the best coffees from the best farms around the world, and this holiday season we want to share the bounty with your family, friends and you.

Gift a Bag of

Fresh Roasted Coffee

We have an amazing selection of single origin coffees and blends that showcase the amazing array of flavors that come to us through various geographies, varietals and processing methods. There are too many great options to highlight them all, but some of our current favorites are an heirloom varietal, naturally processed coffee from Dambi Uddo, Ethiopia ($18), and an anaerobic fermented coffee made by "The Alchemist," Juan Felipe Aristizábal, from Caldas, Colombia ($18). Both of these are lighter roasts with unique, bright flavors.
For those who prefer a smoother, more robust cup, we recommend Winter Warmup ($15), our special holiday blend. It's a medium roast with tons of smooth milk chocolate punctuated by festive notes of fruit and spice. It's a crowd pleaser, guaranteed to warm you up on a cold, wintry morning. For espresso lovers and true dark-roast enthusiasts, check out our Colombia Casa Verde Tolima ($15).

Gift Subscriptions

Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving!
With a prepaid subscription, you can give the gift of amazing coffee throughout the year. You can choose single origin, usually light-medium roast coffees that showcase the unique flavors of each farm, or darker roasted coffees that are always smooth and rich in the cup (and make delicious espresso). We’ll roast and ship out two bags per month for the length of time you select—three, six, or twelve months. Prices start at $105, shipping included.

Holiday Sampler Pack

Finally, we have a slightly evil but mostly delicious holiday gift pack, The Dark Side of the Curve ($40, free shipping included). It includes three 8oz bags of our darker roasts, including our Winter Warmup, A Little Bit Darker, and our Dark/Espresso single origin coffee from the Casa Verde Growers Association at high altitudes in the Tolima district in Colombia.