Single Origin – Papua New Guinea Lahamenegu Mill, Goroka 12oz (340g)


Medium Roast. A sweet coffee with notes of berries and grape juice.


Typica Varietal
Dry Processed - Medium Roast

This deliciously sweet coffee from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea is fun and fruity, with notes of berries and grape juice. The Lahamenegu Mill in Goroka is one of the few places in PNG that sources coffee cherries from regional farmers for dry, or natural, processing, a technique more common in Africa. The fresh cherries are dried on raised beds for four weeks, allowing the coffee time to ferment, which brings out a wonderful sweetness when roasted. While there are coffee plantations in PNG, most of the coffee from the island comes from small farmers or even backyard coffee trees, which allows for a beautiful diversity of growing conditions to add complexity to the finished product. Taking this coffee to a medium roast level brings out the fruity notes and sweetness locked inside.

Additional information

Weight 13 oz

whole bean, ground for espresso, ground for pour-over/drip, ground for French press