Single Origin – Ethiopia Benti Nenka, Guji 12oz (340g)


Light-Medium Roast. Orange Chocolate Truffle with Notes of Honeysuckle.


Heirloom Varietals, Dry Processed.

With the rich flavor of a chocolate orange truffle and a bouquet of floral aromas, this makes a delightfully complex cup of coffee. Upon first opening this coffee up you’ll get a nose full of fragrant notes of honeysuckle. Once brewed, this coffee is sweet and delicious, with notes of honeydew melon early on and a nice lemony brightness as it cools. This will be a quick favorite of anyone who tries it.

This coffee comes to us from the Benti Nenka processing station in southern Guji, run by two brothers who are known for their fantastic coffee and strict quality control measures. You might recognize the Guji name as it is an incredible region for coffee production that we’ve come to love. Taking this coffee to a light-medium roast level brings out the sweetness in the coffee without getting in the way of any of the complex fruity and floral notes developed during cultivation and processing.

Additional information

Weight 13 oz

whole bean, ground for espresso, ground for pour-over/drip, ground for French press